Maintain optimum skin health and radiance with our huge range of confidence inducing body care products from beauty essentials to pure pampering.

Shower gels, lotions, moisturizing butter, body scrub with shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil (coconut oil) and complementary beneficial extracts and essential oils.

Take care of any skin type with natural cosmetics!

Discover wonderful body care products at Creta Olive – beauty cosmetics!

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Aloe Natura Hand Cream Intensive 150ml


Aloe Natura Foot Cool Aloe Vera Cream 150ml


Aloe Natura Body Cream with Argan Oil 150ml


APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Foaming Scrub Butter 200ml

D-56 12.50

APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Foot Cream 75ml

D-38 7.50

APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Hand Cream 75ml

D-8 6.75

APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Body Souffle 200ml

D-55 16.50

APHRODITE Regenerating Body Lotion with Argan & Pomegranate 200ml

Z-9D 8.50

APHRODITE Regenerating Body Butter with Argan & Pomegranate 200ml

Z-50 12.50

APHRODITE Gentle Cleansing & Refreshing Body Wash 250ml

Z-10 6.50

APHRODITE Comforting Body Butter with Almond & Honey 200ml

Z-43 12.50

APHRODITE Cleansing Liquid Soap 250ml

Z-7 7.00
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