Body butter with its fat content nourishes your skin and prevents dehydration, skin cracks, rough and scaly skin. It softens your hand and feet skin while make it supple. It can also be used for cracked heels, dry cuticles and rough patches on your epidermis. Effectively penetrates the skin easily, without clogging pores, thus moisturizing deeply, especially during the winter months.

The best natural cosmetics brands are in Creta Olive!

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APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Foaming Scrub Butter 200ml

D-56 12.50

APHRODITE The Youth Elixir Body Souffle 200ml

D-55 16.50

APHRODITE Regenerating Body Butter with Argan & Pomegranate 200ml

Z-50 12.50

APHRODITE Comforting Body Butter with Almond & Honey 200ml

Z-43 12.50

APHRODITE Deeply Hydrating Body Butter with Cocoa Butter & Vanilla 200ml

Z-44 12.50

APHRODITE Nourishing Body Butter with Mango & Papaya 200ml

Z-45 12.50

Argan Oil Body Butter 200ml

HA010 7.44

Eolia Body Butter with Pomegranate 200ml

EO18 7.50

Fresh Secrets Body Butter with Cannabis Oil 200ml

ΚΑΝ ΒΣ8 9.95

Fresh Secrets Body Butter Coconut 200ml

FS.Β.Κ 9.60

Herbolive Mini Butter Vanilla & Green Tea 60ml

HO501 3.10

Herbolive Mini Butter Rose & Milk 50ml

HO251 3.10
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