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Honey is the sweet liquid nutritional substance produced by bees.

Honey is an aromatic, viscosity, sweet material derived from the nectar of plants which the bees collect and alter the food in a denser liquid and finally store their honeycombs.

Honey as human food is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthier foods. It gives energy to the muscles, clarity of mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Regular use gives vitality to the body and helps to prolong life. Hippocrates and all the doctors of antiquity recommended as a medicine in many cases. And today recognized its therapeutic value in constipation, in heart disease, anemia, adenopathy and forfeiture cases and weakness of the organization.

Cretan honey is completely natural product produced in areas with endemic vegetation. As it is known today, the biomes of the island is rich in endemic plants, especially aromatic plants. These offer Cretan bees their favorite food.

The two main types of honey produced here is honey from thyme and honey pine.
The honey is lighter, sweeter and very aromatic, while the pine is darker and less sweet. Normal is the practice of mixing the two honeys, especially in areas where the bees have access and pines and thyme.

• Honey acts against fatigue and this is achieved by storing the fructose contained in the liver as glycogen. There is converted into glucose, thereby increasing the content of the blood. Facilitates the assimilation of calcium, activates ossification.
• Heals or relieves internal disorders, stomach ulcers, insomnia, their sore throats, some heart disease and generally have beneficial effects on the heart, increases the hemoglobin of the blood and muscle strength,
• For external use heal burns, wounds and nasopharyngeal diseases thanks to inchidini (inhidine) which gives it bacteriostatic properties. Honey, then, is the main product in beekeeping and a valuable ally of the human body.

In short Crete produces the most aromatic honey in the world: there are thousands of shrubs smells delicious and some of them grow only on Crete. Cretans apiculture not need sugar to feed the bees them because there are still times or periods that the natural vegetation is covered with snow for they can not find their food to themselves

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