Toplou Honey Thyme, Wild Herbs & Pine 470gr

Toplou Honey Thyme, Wild Herbs & Pine 470gr




Pure honey with a unique taste! It is produced and certified according to the strict standards of high quality from wild aromatic plants of Crete.

Product as old as human, honey has always been considered from the greek mythology the ambrosia, meaning the food for the gods. It was always appreciated back from the Minoans and archaeological excavations indicate that honey was an essential part of the diet of the Cretans. A great number of nutrients and beneficial substances provide you with energy and good health as a vital part of the Mediterranean diet.

Characterized by particularly strong flavor and special color “TOPLOU” honey comes directly from the rough SITIA mountains, wild herbs and thyme. Honey is a 100% natural product and is treated as deserved, packed in certified facilities offering you a truly authentic taste.

Enjoy this pure and unrefined honey with silky texture directly as produced from bees living at the wildest, rough areas of the SITIA mountains.  “TOPLOU” rich and flavourful honey is collected carefully with traditional methods and packed under strict hygiene procedures offering you its unique wholesome nutrition properties directly from the beehives. Our honey distinguishable for its aroma, flavor and density gives you low-calorie energy while at the same time strengthening your immune system.

TOPLOU” honey comes from the finest honey qualities in Crete due to the great variety of fresh, aromatic herbs, gathering a selection of beneficial trace elements, proteins and amino acids. A premium honey of exceptional quality with a superb bright colour, enjoyable mild taste and bracing diet characteristics

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